About the Store

My vision for this store was based on the idea that I wanted a store that was a mish mash of all sorts of things that I found that bring me joy! I wanted to share that with others so they too can rock that accessory, wear that top, or fiddle with that fun gadget.

I managed a boutique for 11 years, have worked in a corporate setting, worked with direct selling companies, and affiliate programs too. I like to experience all I can in business to be sure to take in account every aspect of it. I've learned a lot over the years... the ins and out of retail.

In those types of settings I was unable to bring in items I was personally excited about that I had discovered on my own. Although in these settings we offered wonderful items, I would still be on the lookout on the side, for random favorite things that I came across.  Therefore, my ultimate goal was to create a one stop store that anyone would love to shop. No matter the gender, age, or personality you are sure to find something to bring a smile to your face at my store:) 

I am what you call a "modest trendsetter" haha! I've often had people come up to me and compliment me on something I'm wearing, some accessory I'm rockin', or some nifty gadget I've come across. I enjoy unique "things" and this is a fantastic way I am able to share these fun "things" with others:) I am constantly adding more items as I find them.

I have so many favorites... hence the name I chose for my store.  I often go through stores I'm shopping and say oh that's my favorite..oooo no that's my favorite..Oh wait... that's my favorite too! I like a lot of things apparently LOL There is just so many fun things waiting to be discovered ;)

I honestly feel like this is my calling and I am meant to do this, my excitement goes beyond words I can express...so thank you for your love and support in stopping by! I hope you enjoy my store and I thank you greatly for your business... it too is one of my "FAVORITE THINGS" <3